Vega Level Instruments

LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF BULK SOLIDS and Can Be Also Used in Non-Conductive Liquids - VEGACAL 65

LEVEL SENSOR for Use in Conductive Liquids and Bulk Solids - VEGACAL 66

CAPACITANCE LEVEL SENSOR for Continuous Level Measurement of Liquids in Non-Conductive Vessels or Corrosive Liquids - VEGACAL 69

LEVEL SENSOR IN UNIVERSALLY for Continuous Level Measurement of Bulk Solids - VEGACAL 67 | High Temperature and Pressure

VEGAFLEX 81 - All kind of liquids, applications with vapour, buildup, foam or condensation

VEGAFLEX 82 - Light and heavy-weight bulk solids, applications with strong dust generation, condensation or buildup

VEGAFLEX 83 ĘC Aggressive liquids or liquid media with highest hygienic requirements, applications with vapour, buildup, foam generation or condensation

VEGAFLEX 86 - Virtually all liquids under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, applications with buildup, foam generation or condensation

PRESSURE TRANSMITTER VEGABAR 66 | Pressure Switch | Over Pressure Transmitter

SUSPENSION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER for Level Measurement in Wells, Basins and Open Vessels VEGABAR 86

SUBMERSIBLE LEVEL TRANSMITTER VEGABAR 67 | Hydrostatic Pressure | Immersion Transmitter

PRESSURE TRANSMITTER for Pressure and Level Measurements of Liquids and Viscous Products with Higher Temperatures in the Chemical, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industry - VEGABAR 87




VEGAPULS 61 - Level measurement of liquids under simple applications

LEVEL TRANSMITTER VEGA FIBERTRAC 31 | Radiation Level, Process Level

NUCLEAR LEVEL SWITCH VEGA SOLITRAC 31 | Non-Contact Transmitter and Switch

RADIOACTIVE VEGASOURCE 31 | Cobalt 60 | Cesium 137 | Non-Contact Level

GAMMA SEAL SOURCE VEGASOURCE 35 | Non-Contact Installation | Low Radiation Source Activity

ULTRASONIC LEVEL TRANSMITTER - VEGASON 61 | Level switch, Non-contact Level

NON-CONTACT LEVEL - VEGASON 62 | Water Level Transmitter | Process Level Meter

LOW COST ULTRASONIC LEVEL - VEGASON 63 | Chemical Process Transmitter


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