SINAMICS G120P Inverters

SINAMICS G120P Inverters Sinamics G120P (3 AC 400 V) Micromaster 430 Siemens

SINAMICS G120P – options with added value: for your applications in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Whether installed in the intake and exhaust fans of air-conditioning systems, in pumps for heating and cooling circuits, or in compressors for refrigeration units: SINAMICS G120P converters are ideally suited to meet every requirement of building management systems.

Flexible installation

Stay flexible: Due to their IP20 and IP55 degrees of protection, the PM230 Power Modules can not only be installed in the control cabinet, but can also be directly at the machine. And thanks to different EMC filters, they can be used both in the public power grid and in industrial networks.

Special functionality

A well-thought-out portfolio: Apart from standard functions such as setpoint specifications, on/off switching logic, protection and monitoring of machine, motor and converter, SINAMICS G120P also offers numerous industry-specific functions. These include the regulation of two or multiple zones and one fire protection mode which ensures the longest possible operation in an emergency.

Highlights at a glance – specially developed for your applications in building management systems

  • Full control – Real-time clock with exact time stamp for error and warning logging, max. buffer time five days, automatic summer / winter changeover

  • Freely programmable – Digital timers for the control of three selectable events depending on the weekday / hour / minute

SINAMICS G120P in the Building Technologies:


0,37 - 90 kW


3 AC 380 - 480 V

Control procedure:

U/f control with stator flux orientation, vector control without encoder

SINAMICS G120P – options with added value: for your industrial applications

Growing complexity of plants and globalization of markets: The drives of the SINAMICS G120P series always have the right answer for the special features of the process industry.

Simply practice-oriented

Usable and available worldwide – SINAMICS G120P is ready to meet your global requirements. And with the key functions of speed control, controlling range, efficiency and communication level, it ensures simple operation.

Maximum flexibility

Thanks to the upgraded PM330 Power Modules, you now have a complete series of SINAMICS G120P products at your disposal: in all sizes and across all voltage ranges, from 400 V to 690 V. A flexibly applicable and consistent approach, which minimizes your configuration and implementation overheads.

Reliably safeguarded

The new PM240P-2 Power Modules increases your process reliability: with integrated safety functionality up to the SIL3 level.

Highlights at a glance – specially developed for your industrial applications

The new Power Modules PM240P-2

  • Process reliability – Utmost safety level thanks to Integrated safety functions, safe electronic switch-off (Safe Torque-off / Safe Stop 1)

  • Robustness – Even for special operating conditions such as temperatures ranging from -10° C to 60° C and aggressive environments (resistance to pollutants)

  • Cost saving – Increased energy efficiency with higher output voltage (98 %) through integrated dc link reactor

The innovated Power Modules PM330:

  • Enhanced flexibility – due to the new voltage level up to 690 V

  • Saving space – allows compact control cabinets

  • Robustness – through numerous functions such as output voltage sensing

  • Total integration – the complete product series is available

SINAMICS G120P in the Process industry


11 - 630 kW


3 AC 380 - 480 V and 3 AC 500 - 690 V

Control procedure:

U/f control with stator flux orientation, vector control without encoder

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